What do I need to bring ?

In addition to your paddling gear (see below), you should also bring snacks and water (depending on the length of the session) and waterproofs or hat & suncream (depending on the weather).

For all sessions you should bring a complete change of clothes, just in case…

Do I need to bring my own boat and paddle ?

Many of customers, particularly those starting out will not have their own kit. We work with a number of local hire companies that can provide everything from paddles to boats to buoyancy aids. We’ll be happy to advise on what equipment is needed for a session and liaise with the hire company to provide it.

In fact if you’re new to paddling it makes sense to try out different boats and equipment, and then decide what boat you’d like to buy.

Will the session be cancelled if the weather is bad ?

It depends on what kind of bad weather. We will never cancel a session because of rain.

However thunderstorms and lightning are different – and holding a vertical paddle made from metal or carbon fibre in the middle of a wide river is not a good place to be in a lightning storm.

Very strong winds may also lead sessions for less experienced paddlers being cancelled.

I want to do something that’s not on the list of courses

We realise that people will often have specific needs.

You may be preparing for an event that includes canoeing and therefore want to concentrate solely on efficient forward paddling. Or perhaps you want to go on a rafting trip with the opportunity to do some kayaking on whitewater and you want to know what you can do on flat water to prepare (the answer is lots).

Or maybe you and a friend want to do a private session at a time that suits you rather than one of the slots listed. Or maybe you just want some 1 to 1 coaching so you can zoom up the learning curve as quickly as possible.

We will be happy to chat (by email, phone or skype/zoom) to see how we can help and put together a session or package of sessions that delivers what you need.

What if cannot swim ?

Being able to swim is an advantage, but not being to swim is not a problem. You’ll be wearing a bouyancy aid or life jacket so that will keep you afloat. And the coach will be able to assist you getting back in your boat, or the bank as appropriate.

Do I need to wear a bouyancy aid/life jacket ?

Yes. Even if you’re a strong swimmer. We realise that people may choose not to wear a BA if they’re paddling privately but at River Hamble Adventures we ask that all clients wear do so.

Is it ok if I wear glasses / contact lenses ?

Yes. If you wear glasses and you’re doing a session where there is the possibility of a capsize, then you may want to tie them to a piece of clothing with a piece of string.

Similarly, you may want to bring a spare pair of contact lenses as these will sometimes fall out if you capsize. If you do capsize with contact lenses you may also wish to replace them (if daily disposables) or wash them.

Covid-19 measures

We will run our activities in accordance with the government guidance and industry best practice. Please see here for more details.