We’ll follow the government guidance and best practice at all times to keep you as safe on and off the water.

Maintaining social distancing on the water is very easy to do and happens most of the time even in normal circumstances. Rescue techniques can be varied slightly to maintain a 2 metre distance between the person in the water and the rescuer.

Other measures we will introduce include:

  • No handshakes on meeting and greeting clients, and introductions will be carried out respecting the social distancing guidelines.
  • Similarly, instructions will be given respecting the guidelines. For example where we might choose to hold a client’s paddle to show them how to use it, we will instead demonstrate with our own and ask them to mimic what we do !
  • Our sessions will be limited to a maximum of 5 clients
  • We will sanitise our hands before and after sessions and encourage clients to do the same.

In recommending and liaising with local hire companies we will only use companies that take the same thorough approach to prevention and spread of infection.