Glenn started working life in the corporate world, at the London Stock Exchange and going on to work for banks such as Credit Suisse. This background helps him understand what corporate clients are looking to get from the day.

For team building & development days, skill acquisition is the means not the end. The coaching delivery can be adapted to include structures that encourage interaction within the team – such as peer to peer coaching and buddying systems, and challenges that compel the participants to work together to achieve a common goal.

Each event will be different, and we are happy to discuss requirements in detail to achieve the perfect day.

Questions to consider would be:

  • How long ? We can cater for sessions as short as two hours, or as long as two days.
  • What balance between skills and journeying ? We can do a largely static session focusing on learning skills or go on a journey to explore the river.
  • What balance between games and challenges ? The emphasis can be on activities that are pure fun, or activities that challenge the participants to achieve outcomes, either individually or working in teams
  • How extreme ? We can create a session where people are highly unlikely to capsize, to sessions that involve everyone deliberately capsizing at once !
  • Refreshments and rest stops. There are several pubs on the river and several places where we can stop on the bank: we can build these into a trip, or make them our destination.

Please contact us here, call on 07815 141835 or email us talk about what we can do for you.